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Top Vinyl and Faux Leather Fabric Selections

When it comes to covering a surface, there are countless choices, but vinyl and faux leather fabrics have remained consistently popular for decades. Smooth to the touch but surprisingly durable, these fabrics are easily customizable to fit everything from car interiors to speciality needs.

Modern vinyl and faux leather are from synthetic blends so they are exactly suited to the specific needs of their customer. Marine vinyl often comes with UV protection and resistance to offset the damage that extended sun exposure would cause on other types of upholster. For home and office purposes, contract ideal is the easy choice as it looks and feels comfortable, and comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors to suit the taste of the owner. Automotive vinyl comes equipped to handle all common rigors a car interior endures over the years from spills to abrasion, and can be just the finishing touch a vehicle needs to feel finished.

Once you know exactly what type of vinyl or faux leather fabric your project needs, it’s just a matter of finding the right style and getting the materials on hand to make it happen. The DLT Corp collection has dozens of choices from the country’s top suppliers, and we are happy to help ensure you find that perfect fit that will look good and feel great every time you use it.

While we use the best imaging sources possible, we cannot be held responsible for color deviations between display devices and actual materials. Material images are for ordering reference only. We strongly suggest referring to hard samples or inquire about our EZMatch Swatch Scanner to ensure proper color matching.