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Ultraleather™ by Ultrafabrics® Brisa by Ultrafabrics® Promessa by Ultrafabrics®
Brisa Distressed by Ultrafabrics® Brisa Fresco by Ultrafabrics® Brisa Mokume by Ultrafabrics®
Fusion by Ultrafabrics® Linen by Ultrafabrics® Pearlized by Ultrafabrics®
Pony by Ultrafabrics® Pro by Ultrafabrics® Viva by Ultrafabrics®

Through state-of-the-art, premium polycarbonate resin technology, we are able to offer an outstanding range of beautiful, soft, luxurious surface options for upholstery, walls, and anywhere anyone might choose to sit. More than just a surface, an Ultra Surface gives you the freedom to enjoy beautiful things without having to worry about spills, stains, kids, or pets. Our revolutionary technology gives you the flexibility and functionality to take the same luxurious material you enjoy in your living room to your RV, your boat, your corporate jet, your office, to the hotel, spa, outside by the pool... anywhere and everywhere you live your life.

Below are some of the features offered by the Ultrafabrics Collection, look for these icons as you browse the product offerings to see which features are offered by which lines.