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Top Marine Vinyl Upholstery Options

When you take your boat out on the open waters, the last thing you want to worry about is the quality and feel of your boat’s marine vinyl fabric beneath you. These are the surfaces where you, your family, and your friends will sit, stand, and lay about in the sun upon. Having the right fabric can make a subtle but significant impact on the quality of your days out on the water.

At DLT we carry all the best-in-class options when it comes to marine vinyl as we know how important it is to our customer to have something comfortable and durable. These surfaces often face harsh conditions with the sun, water, and general wear and tear from consistent usage. Where marine vinyl differs from other types of upholstery is that they come with UV resistant chemicals woven into the fabrics, along with antibacterial elements that fend off mildew from forming within the interior of your boat.

We carry brands like Advantage Marine, Seaquest, and more because they have a history of providing quality marine vinyl fabrics for their customers, and our custom ordering process has never been easier to get you exactly what you want and your boat needs.

Our marine vinyl options cover all colors and texture types that you can imagine, everything from breezy caprina island green to industrious carbon fiber gray. Whatever style you wish to outfit your boat with, there’s a marine vinyl upholstery choice that will fit the bill and make for a comfortable seat and surface for years to come.From boats to jet-skis, marine vinyls face the harshest operating environments out there. The sun, spray, and salt all combine to put these vinyls to the test. DLT carries the finest marine-rated vinyls available on the market today, and each one is specifically crafted to take all the waters have to offer, and keep coming back for more.

While we use the best imaging sources possible, we cannot be held responsible for color deviations between display devices and actual materials. Material images are for ordering reference only. We strongly suggest referring to hard samples or inquire about our EZMatch Swatch Scanner to ensure proper color matching.