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Top Automotive Vinyl Options

When it comes to quality automotive vinyl fabric, DLT offers a broad selection that can outfit any make or model with the best possible option for their needs. Throw out any old ideas that vinyl is stiff and uncomfortable, the modern blends are feather soft to the touch yet retain the toughness to withstand years of heavy usage.

Whether you plan to hit the muddy trails in your offroad rig or cruise on the highway in your convertible, you need the right kind of automotive vinyl for the job. That’s where DLT comes in, as we offer a wide selection of premium automotive vinyls that suit and any all needs.

For those who drive fast and hard off the beaten path, it’s key to have something dark and durable that can shake off mud and abrasions with a quick and easy wash. Those who like to keep things clean and stylish might opt instead for a Softside or Paloma automotive vinyl to complement the color of their vehicle and make the interior pop just as much as the exterior.

Supersport with its four-way stretch material can be customized to match any interior and add some nice bounce to your ride. The bold Wild Croc patterns can be just the splash of personality a car needs to come together, and it comes in everything from classic white to sapphire blue.

With automotive vinyl fabrics it’s essential to find one that fits your needs for both comfort and style. Everything from the grain to color can be dialed in to perfection by choosing the right selection in the DLT collection.

DLT offers a broad selection of quality automotive vinyl suitable for any make or model. With grain and color matches for cars ranging from Ford to Mercedes, we can offer a material to suit your needs. Modern vinyl is not the stereotypes of old, it is soft, supple, and an excellent leather alternative.


While we use the best imaging sources possible, we cannot be held responsible for color deviations between display devices and actual materials. Material images are for ordering reference only. We strongly suggest referring to hard samples or inquire about our EZMatch Swatch Scanner to ensure proper color matching.