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With foam, you need something soft enough you’ll enjoy sitting upon it, but also durable enough that it won’t break down after just a little use. Foam is an endlessly versatile material that’s become increasingly popular in everything from car details to shipping support.

DLT Corp offers foam in all shapes, sizes, and colors because we want you to find that perfect fit for your next project.

Foam sheets are ideal to have around the house to make hard stone floors a little more comfortable to sit or lay upon for your family. With cushioning foam, you can make small areas safer for children or a softer to sit or rest your hands on.

Sew foam we recommend for those who have precise projects with specific dimensions. These are ideal for car interiors, door or cabinet areas, or anything else that needs to be just right to function. Roll foam of course is the gold standard for transporting or shipping fragile objects, and it has considerable utility in terms of helping provide extra cushion for objects.

No matter what your next project might be, the DLT Corp foam collection likely has something that suits your needs. Foam can be just the right finishing touch that makes surfaces more comfortable and safer to use. Contact our team today to ask for samples so you can ensure you receive the color you desire.

See what we have to offer in our digital collection below, and before you know it, you’ll have foam that fits and feels just right.
While we use the best imaging sources possible, we cannot be held responsible for color deviations between display devices and actual materials. Material images are for ordering reference only. We strongly suggest referring to hard samples or inquire about our EZMatch Swatch Scanner to ensure proper color matching.