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Hygieia Chalk Hygieia Chalk

This superior chalk is 95% pure calcium carbonate and free of foreign materials that work their way into the board surface causing scratching, streaking and pitting. Round stick 3-1/4” x 3/8” fits most chalk chucks. Sold by the sleeve. Put-ups constantly change, so please check current
availability. Available in white. Sleeve of Hygieia Chalk -12 sticks/box.

Pricing starts at: $1.89
53 in stock
Empire Textile Chalk Empire Textile Chalk

Excellent quality pigmented chalk. Strong, non-crumbling, for marking roving in textile mills. Comes in white. Large 4” x 1” tapered stick for easier handling. Test for application and removal prior to production usage. Sidewalk style chalk.

Pricing starts at: $0.50
316 in stock
Chalk Chuck Chalk Chuck

Easy-to-use chalk holder prevents chalk breakage, keeps hands clean. Features handy pocket clip.  Colors may vary from shown.

Pricing starts at: $4.99
38 in stock

Pricing starts at: $16.70
Should ship within 24 hours
Fisher Space Pen - Silver Fisher Space Pen - Silver

This pressurized silver ink Space Pen has been a long time favorite in the Fisher Space Pen family.
It is fantastic for writing on:
* Tires and other Rubber Surfaces
* Leather
* Photograph Paper
* Scrapbooks
* Dark papers and Surfaces

Wipes off with water or soap and water

Demo video:

Pricing starts at: $7.99
6 in stock