Shipping Policies and Service Maps

Our website will automatically determine the price of shipping, as well as what shipping options are available to you, at check-out. These prices are generated based on the dimensions and weight of the items, as well as the distance to ship to your location.

For more information on the shipping methods we support, you can check the shipping options listed below, as well as the service maps pictured.*

* Please note that shipping times pictured are for in-stock items only and that orders placed after 4pm Friday (Central Standard Time) are not processed until the following Monday.

FedEx Ground

Because of their speed and reliability, FedEx is our preferred parcel shipping company. FedEx Ground shipping is guaranteed to reach the entire Midwest in 1 to 2 business days and the entire continental United States within 5 business days, while remaining a cost-effective option to ship many of our items. 

FedEx Same Day

Need your material today? Then FedEx Same Day City may be just the thing you need. For a reasonable shipping charge (usually between $10 - $25) you can have many of our products delivered by the end of the business day, so that you can get your job finished quickly. FedEx Same Day City is available only for those within the Chicago or Detroit Metro areas and the order cut-off time is 11am (Central Standard Time).

SpeeDee Delivery

We recommend SpeeDee Delivery for shipping oversize packages (i.e. carpet, sew-foam, full rolls of fabrics, etc.) as well as for shipping any hazardous materials (i.e. glue). They are considerably less expensive than FedEx for these items, however they are not guaranteed one-day shipping. 

Spee-Dee services are available within Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. 

LTL Pallet Freight

For larger orders, we have partnered with several LTL freight carriers to provide large corporation pallet pricing to all of our customers. This is a low-cost, Haz-Mat friendly, mix-and-match shipping option! This option covers the entire Midwest in 1 day and half the USA in 2-3 Days. Orders 70 lbs. and over qualify for this flat rate pallet shipping*.

* Rates applicable to regional delivery zone and additional charges may apply. Please inquire for details.

DLT Shipping Policies

All shipping is sent FOB DLT Warehouse. Our responsibility ceases after we hold receipt in good order from shipping carrier and goods leave our building. We reserve the right to ship by the carrier of our choice. If you have further questions about shipping please give us a call at (800) 458-3500 or email us at

FedEx Ground

FedEx Same Day City


SpeeDee Delivery