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Since 1868, DLT Upholstery Supply has been the #1 stocking wholesale distributor for fabrics, vinyls, tools, and supplies for the automotive, marine, commercial, aircraft, and residential furniture markets... and we are the largest, too!

Based in Chicago, and with 20 warehouses throughout the United States, there isn't much we can't do!

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Featured Products:

Roaring 20's Madrid Black Roaring 20's Madrid Black
Pricing starts at: $7.99
1666 in stock
V-Line Snap Stud V-Line Snap Stud
Pricing starts at: $7.99
277 in stock
Supersport High Tack Black Supersport High Tack Black
Pricing starts at: $32.99
99 in stock
All American Black All American Black
Pricing starts at: $24.49
37 in stock
Hyde-Clean Cleaner Hyde-Clean Cleaner
Pricing starts at: $18.99
17 in stock
V-Line Snap Socket V-Line Snap Socket
Pricing starts at: $11.84
803 in stock
Partners Black Partners Black Vinyl
Pricing starts at: $21.99
17823 in stock
Cadillac Ebony Limo DTS Carpet Cadillac Ebony Limo DTS Carpet
Pricing starts at: $5.99
116 in stock
Sailcloth Vinyl Camel Sailcloth Vinyl Camel
Pricing starts at: $11.00
218 in stock
Headerbond Fast-Tack High-Temp Spray Adhesive Headerbond Fast-Tack High-Temp Spray Adhesive
Pricing starts at: $13.99
Out of Stock - Backorder

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