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Density = The weight of one cubic foot of the foam. Density affects the foam's ability to provide support, comfort and durability. Generally, as foam density increases, durability also increases. Some of the factors related to durability are a loss of firmness (flex fatigue), breakdown in the seating area of the cushion (dishing), and fabric bagging caused by loss of foam dimensions (compression set).
ILD = Indentation Load Deflection, which is the measurement of the load bearing capacity of foam. ILD is typically measured as the force (in pounds) required to compress a sample of foam a certain amount. The higher the number, the more force required to compress the foam; therefore the firmer the foam.
Foam grades are a combination of density and ILD to reflect the overall specification of the foam.

We have a state-of-the-art foam vacuum-packer to
substantially save our customers on shipping!

Please open the packages upon delivery to ensure
proper reforming of the foam.

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EconoFoam - Grades 1535-2045 Super Resilient - Soft - Grade 1835 Medium Extra Heavy - Grade 2535
EconoFoam is a perfect low-cost solution for foam!  As a ranged-spec product, it is an excellent choice for use in light seating and various utility use.
Super Resilient is a perfect low-cost every day seating foam.  
Meets Cal 117 flame specification.
Medium Extra Heavy is luxuriously soft and long-lasting. Excellent for high-end applications!
Meets Cal 117 flame specification
Firm & Heavy Foam - Grade 2550 Super Resilient - Firm - Grade 1845 Boat Foam - Grade 2195
Firm & Heavy is our most popular seating foam.  Firm and resilient, will last for many years!  Blue coloring
Meets Cal 117 flame specification.
Our Super Resilient foam is a great choice for any application.
Meets Cal 117 flame specification.
Our Boat Foam is perfect for tractor seating, boat seating, and virtually any application that calls for a very firm foam.
Meets Cal 117 flame specification.
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Foam Sample Pack Gelee Foam
Foam Sample Pack
Our Price: $3.00
Gelee Foam
Website Special Pricing: $99.00
Gelee is a memory foam with open-cell structure and a soft, dough-like consistency, perfect for motorcycle seats.  Gelee replaces the leak-prone and hard to work with gel padding.